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Starter Kit 2 (Mixing with a scale)

Starter Kit 2 (Mixing with a scale)

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This combo is made up for the new mixer who would like to mix using a scale.

Contains the following items:

1 x Vegetable glycerine (VG) 500ml

1 x Propylene Glycol (PG) 500ml

1 x Nicotine (PG) 100ml

5 x 3ml disposable pipette

5 x plastic stirrer

3 x 10ml syringe

2 x 50ml syringe

2 x Latex glove

3 x 10ml dropper bottle

5 x 50ml dropper bottle

5 x 100ml dropper bottle

5 x 30ml Glass dropper bottle (Amber)

1 x Glass Beaker 50ml 

1 x scale 0.01/ 200g

 **Flavour concentrates will need to be purchased separately.

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