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RY4 Concentrate (FA) - Blck vapour

RY4 Concentrate (FA)

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RY4 Legend delivers the full-on flavour that many vapers long for, a distinct tobacco taste with a slight nuttiness and an authentic RY4 sensation. This is perfect as an all day vape, a base for adding extra flavours, or as a welcome change to other tobacco flavours. Used with BiteXtra eliquid it delivers maximum throat-hit, even to experienced vapers, and the 4.5% strength gives the full Nicotine hit that satisfies even the most discerning ex-smokers like myself - 25 roll-ups a day for over 35 years! RY4 also forms the base for our RY4 Nutzilla ready-to-vape eliquid in the 'That's Nice' range and is a delightful blend that is nuttier and fuller. Add in a little Über Menthol and you're close to perfection.



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