DIY One Shot Starter Kit

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DIY One Shot Starter Kit

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This combo is made up for the new mixer and contains the following items:

Easy One Shot Kit :
1x Chubby 100ml bottle Clear
1 x Nicotine Shot 30ml / 100mg
1 x Measuring Card (with instructions) for 100mg Nic shot 
1 x PG/VG (80/20) Pre Mixed Base 100-500ml (no nicotine) 

Versus Shots:
Captain Cool - Mix @ 10% Juicy watermelons mixed with fresh strawberry juice
10ml = 100ml
30ml =300ml
Bamango Ice v2 - Mix @ 10% Delicious Ice cold creamy banana and mango blend.
10ml = 100ml
30ml =300ml
Pearlosophy- Mix @ 10% A seductive iced pear blended with a touch of apple, litchi & grape juice.
10ml = 100ml
30ml =300ml
Grape ice - Mix @ 10% A Thick Rich & Creamy Vanilla Custard
10ml = 100ml
30ml =300ml
Jelly Bomb - Mix @ 14% A delicious & vibrant explosion of fruity jelly candies!
10ml = 70ml
30ml =210ml
Cherry Blast - Mix @ 10% A red cherry explosion
10ml = 100ml
30ml =300ml
Golden Custard - Mix @ 14% A Thick Rich & Creamy Vanilla Custard
10ml =70ml
30ml =210ml
Guavlove - Mix @ 12.5% Crisp fresh green outer Guava right down to the sweetest ripe pink inner flesh
10ml = 80ml
30ml =240ml
Blue Slush - Mix @ 11% A delicious blue raspberry slushy.
10ml =90ml
30ml =270ml
Lighting Bolt - Mix @ 10% Tantalize your taste buds with a fizz of refreshing orange & cola.
10ml = 100ml
30ml =300ml

Passionade - Mix @ 12% Delicious full bodied lemonade, with a dash of sour passion fruit
10ml = 80ml
30ml =250ml
Rubi Razzle - Mix @ 7.5% A medley of sweet, tangy grapefruit & raspberries on ice
10ml = 130ml
30ml =400ml
Icee Lychee - Mix @ 6% Refreshing chilled lychee
10ml = 160ml
30ml =500ml

So how does it work?

  1. Hold the measuring card against the empty 100ml chubby bottle
  2. Start by filling your one shot concentrate at the recommended percentage specified on your one shot concentrate
  3. Now fill the bottle with your pre-mixed base making sure to stop at the bottom line of the nicotine strength you desire *(For Jelly Bomb fill up to the 67% mark)
  4. Now fill with nicotine shot to get to the 100% line. *(For Jelly bomb fill up to 70% line)
  5. Shake - Steep & Vape

Blck Flavour is a direct importer of concentrates and bases directly from manufacturers.

All products are filled by 3rd party fillers under supervision in an ISO certified lab so you can be assured you are getting a quality product without any additions. 

Please contact us for wholesale inquiries on bigger sizes or if you require a lead time on an item which is out of stock.

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