Will a Vape trigger a fire alarm?

There is a story of a person travelling in America on a flight who was suffering from nicotine withdrawal. Part of the flight he sneaked off to the toilets to secretly vape. Shortly after, everyone got a huge shock when the planes fire alarms went off and the pilot has to make an emergency landing. 

There have been many tests to test this theory and here is the verdict of the question:

The people testing this theory have never set off a fire alarm while vaping in the past, however, they managed to detonate the alarm when blowing vapour straight into the alarm.

According to experts on the matter, a small amount of cigarette smoke should not set off any modern fire alarm, which have been designed to avoid any false alarms. 

If you use your e cigarette indoors, the consequences may be serious especially if you blow large clouds of smoke. Also try to keep your e cigarette or vape far away from you on a plane. 

Which types of fire alarms are vulnerable to vapour? 

There are various different types of fire alarms, and some are more sensitive than others. 

  1. Ionisation alarms - these are sensitive to small particles of smoke. These alarms utilise two electrically charged radioactive plates. When the smoke particles enter the fire alarm, they disrupt the electricity between the plates setting off the alarm.

  1. Optical alarms - these alarms work by making use of a beaming infrared light. When smoke particles enter the smoke alarm, the particles cause the infrared light to be scattered onto a light detector which then triggers the alarm.

  1. Heat alarms - these alarms are usually used in kitchens and are likely to detect vapour as they are responsive to heat, rather than smoke. 

Optical alarms are the most likely to be set off by an electronic cigarette vapour as well as ionisation alarms.

The next question that should be asked is: How likely is your vape to set off a fire alarm?

There are very few reports that show that a fire alarm was set off by a vape. Smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke, and electronic cigarettes produce vapour. Vapour also dissipates a lot faster than smoke. 

We can conclude that a vape should not be able to set off a fire alarm, however, it is still possible. 

Is it safe to vape in a hotel room? 

Many hotels vary in vape policy - some forbid vaping, and others may not even have a vaping policy.

Hotels have more sensitive alarms than your standard office or house alarm. There is a probability that you could set off the fire alarm in the hotel. This could lead to waking up the entire hotel and you may be liable for a fine.

If you are going to vape in your hotel room, it may be a good idea to take notice of where the alarm is, and use your vape a safe distance away from it. It is also a good idea to use a discreet device that doesn’t create bellows of smoke and rather a sleek amount of vapour when exhaling. 

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