What is E-Liquid flavouring made from?

What are e liquid flavouring concentrates?

E Liquid flavouring concentrates are a combination of natural and artificial flavouring to assist in the replication of the taste of a food or a drink. The e-juice manufacturers use a food grade flavouring concentrate which is approved by the authorities and associations. 

What are flavouring concentrates used for? 

Flavouring concentrates are usually found in a variety of food substances. These could be baked items, cool drinks, sweets and any other processed foods that require some sort of artificial flavouring.

Mixology is the art that requires one to mix a combination of flavours that will assist in replicating the flavour that is required.

How does flavouring concentrates affect your vaping experience? 

The flavouring concentrate does not make up more than 10% of the total e-juice content. E-juice does not use any oil based flavourings.

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