Removing Barriers to Vaping: Tips for People with Limitations

Many of our customers visit our shop on a regular basis to have their coils changed. However, they had difficulty changing the coils themselves due to issues with their hands.

They’re not alone.

With the right device, you don't need to struggle with coil changing, or any of the more fiddly aspects of vaping.

We've put together this guide to help you choose a device that's right for you if you have limited mobility or disabilities, or simply want to avoid the more fiddly aspects of vaping.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution; the type of vape you select will depend on your specific needs. In this post, we'll look at potential problems and provide solutions for each.

Coil changes

Changing coils can be tricky and fiddly for all of us. How difficult it is will depend on the device.

Today, we're seeing more tanks with push-fit coils. You simply pull the coil from the base of the tank and replace it with a new one.

In addition, push-pull coils, such as the Wirice Launcher Tank, seal the e-liquid inside the tank, so you don't have to empty it before changing the coils. That enables a mess-free coil change while saving e-liquid.

Consider a device with large coils if you choose a device with fixed coils. 

Pod or fixed coil devices should also be considered

Devices with fixed coils are available. Instead of changing the coil, you simply replace the entire tank or pod. 

Many (but not all) pod systems also have built-in coils. Try the Vaporesso Osmall pod system, which is button-free and inhale-activated.

Problems with e-liquid bottles

Vape products are child-proof by design.This can make it difficult for some of us adults as well.

However, you may want to avoid short-fill bottles. Juice in these larger bottles is designed to be mixed with nicotine shots and shaken. It is a bit fiddly to remove the top, and you need to shake the mixture to dissolve the nicotine.

Issues with buttons

Consider using an auto-inhale device if you're having trouble pressing the button on the device. By detecting when you inhale, they automatically fire up the vape for you, without you pressing a button

The OXVA Xlim and XROS Devices, which give the choice of button operation or auto-inhalation, are good examples of this. Furthermore, this device is one of the best pod systems for flavour.


Filling up your tank or pod

When looking for a pod system, find one that can be filled without removing the pod from the base. Modern pod systems come with a side-fill port, which allows the e-liquid bottle to be inserted into the port to fill.

Pods or cartridges that are prefilled are also an option

If you have trouble filling your tanks or pods with e-liquid, you might be better off using a device which comes prefilled.


Having difficulty gripping the device

The problem with traditional vapes is that they are often made of metal, making them slippery to hold - which can be frustrating if you have difficulty holding the device.

Fortunately, a number of devices are designed to be easy to hold. Some of Vaporesso's devices, including the Osmall, have textured grips.

Having difficulty seeing

A couple of things you should avoid if you're visually impaired.

First, it's best to avoid advanced mod devices with screens. Although many devices have improved the clarity of their screens, much more advanced information is displayed in tiny print.

The simpler the device, the less time spent reading tiny instruction manuals with a magnifying glass!

You should also consider the device's filling mechanism when choosing one. Some devices have an arrow on top of the tank, which indicates where you should push to open the filling port. These can be hard to see.

We've already discussed a lot of tips that apply here. You might want to use a device with a fixed coil and prefilled cartridges or pods. If you are having difficulties finding the button, consider an auto-inhale device.

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