How vape works?

Vaping is the process of inhaling a smoke looking vapour from an electronic device called vape or electronic cigarette. Vaping stimulates smoking but in a less harmful manner. 

E liquid is a flavoured liquid which can contain nicotine or does not contain nicotine. The user can decide how much nicotine they wish to consume in their e liquid. 

A vape is a hand held electronic cigarette device that produces an inhalable fog-like vapour. A vape uses a battery source which powers a heating element or coil that is used to vaporize an e-juice in a small chamber. The user then inhales the vapour through a mouthpiece on the device. 

The vape then works as a complete system. When one becomes an experienced user, there are a large variety of vape hardware that users can mix and match to build their ideal vaping device. 

The power source

The vape mod is a device that houses a lithium ion battery. These devices can come in various forms and sizes. There are vape mods that have a large range of power limits and electronic features. Some are advanced and adjustable in watts and even controlled in temperature.

The vapour source

The vapour is made inside a vape atomizer or a vape tank. This is a self contained electrically connected vape mod. It contains the heating element which is called the metal coil and a wick that is saturated with e juice. When the user smokes the device, the coil heats the liquid from the wick, instantly making a smoke looking vapour. 

All atomisers hold the e-juice. There are many that are designed for simplicity, and some are very complexed.

With vape mods, there is a lot of variation to atomizers. The key thing that one should remember is that they will need to be compatible with the vape mod. Not all atomizers will fit on all vape mods and some cannot work due to their coil resistance and the power they require in order to function correctly. 

The coils that are found in atomizers are found with various resistance ranges. Regardless of the resistance, or the type of the atomiser, all coils burn out over time.

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