How to Prime a Coil Correctly

It's a familiar feeling.

When you purchase a pack of expensive coils for your Direct-Lung tank, install the coil and take a puff, you expect a delicious cloud of vapor from your favourite e-liquid. However, disaster strikes and instead you get a strange burnt taste, leading to disappointment and anger.

A burnt coil can be caused by a variety of factors, but the number one cause is failing to prime the coil properly.

How does priming a coil work?
Your vape device's heating element is called a coil. To prime a vape coil, you simply ensure that enough e-liquid is soaked into the coil and wicking to ensure that it won't burn out when power and heat are applied.

Priming takes care and time depending on the coil's resistance, which is measured in ohms (Ω). The more cotton/wicking it has, the lower the resistance of the coil. The thicker the Cotton the more likely it is to develop dry spots, and this, in turn, increases the chance of it burning.

High resistance coils last significantly longer than low resistance coils, in addition to the smaller coil surface area and the VG:PG ratio of the e-liquid used.

How do you prime pre-filled pods and cartridges?
The coil and wicking in pre-filled pods, such as the Hexa Pods, and disposable cartridges have already been saturated with enough e-liquid to not need priming.

Pods that are pre-filled with e-liquid are designed to keep the liquid separate from the coil until they are ready to be used. You should let the pod stand for a few minutes before using it.

No matter whether the coil is fixed or removable, it must be primed. How it must be primed and how long it takes varies.

Priming is quicker when you use a high resistance coil with a low power battery.

Furthermore, low resistance coils require more care due to the increased cotton and wicking, which increase the chances of burning. That's why we recommend that experienced vapers use high power devices and low resistance coils.

How do you prime fixed coil pods and tanks?
Pod priming.
Tanks and pods with fixed coils, like the Novo X pods, generally have high resistance coils.

It's usually just a matter of filling the device and letting it stand for five minutes or so.

You should always stand your device upright so that the e-liquid is always in contact with the coil and the coil wicking.

What is the best way to prime removable coils?
When your coil has a high resistance (such as over 1.2 OHM), you can simply leave it in the tank and let it soak into the coil.

Alternatively, you can remove the coil and prime it by hand. Look closely at the coil when you remove it - you should see holes in it. Fill the holes with e-liquid. You'll also see a hole at the top of the coil - pour e-liquid in here, too, until the wicking is saturated.

Before using your tank for the first time, you should still let the coil soak for a few minutes after adding e-liquid.

How do you prime sub-ohm coils?
The coils are surrounded by vapour.

It's important to prime your coils more carefully if your coil has a resistance of less than 1 OHM (these are known as sub-ohm coils).

The lower the resistance of the coil and the higher the power level you are using, the more care needs to be taken.

Add plenty of e-liquid via the ports and the top of the coil. After you have done this, and added your e-liquid, let the e-liquid soak into the coil for a while longer - the lower the resistance of the coil, the longer you should leave it.

Also, you can take a few priming puffs. Just inhale without pressing the fire button. This will help draw the e-liquid into the coil. As long as you don't flood the coil, one or two puffs should suffice.

For how long should you prime a coil?
A coil needs to be primed for a certain amount of time based on its resistance and coil.

A coil with a high resistance, for example one above 1 OHM, does not need priming for more than five minutes.

In general, the lower the resistance of the coil, the longer it needs to be primed. For a mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15 OHM, for example, I recommend soaking it for 10 minutes or more.

What happens if you forget to prime your coil?
We all forget to prime our coils from time to time! In the event that a coil has a low resistance, and you forgot to prime it, don't panic. Just let it sit for a minute.

You might have gotten away with it if you don't taste burnt when you take a puff. It is still worth letting the tank sit for a while, though, so that the juice can soak into the e-liquid completely.

You have burnt the coil if you get a burnt taste. However, sometimes all is not lost. Allow the coil to soak in, or remove the coil and soak it in some strong white alcohol if the burnt taste isn't too bad. You might be able to save the coil, but if you get a burnt taste, stop using it.

Once you get the hang of coil priming, you'll find it easy and effective.

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