How to mix one shot concentrates

What is a one shot concentrate?

A one shot concentrate is a pre-mixed concentrate that can be easily mixed with an e-liquid. With one shot concentrates rather than individual flavour concentrates, you can avoid costly trial-and-error mixing – all of our one shot products are tried and tested recipes and already available as retail-ready shortfills. One shot concentrates typically have a recommended mixing percentage on the label that gives further guidance on how to mix up to the manufacturers intended final product.

It is ideal for those who want the expert craftsmanship of pre-mixed e-liquid with the reduced cost of home mixing. It's the perfect starting point for vapers who are new to e-liquid mixing as well as those who prefer pre-mixed juice.

You'll need to buy the following before mixing your one shot:

One shot concentrate
PG (Propylene Glycol)
VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
If you use nicotine in your e-liquid, you'll need nicotine shots. Below we'll explain how many you'll need for each strength
10ml syringes
Kitchen roll or cloth for spills

How do I figure out how much and which nicotine to buy?

You'll need to order a different number of nicotine shots based on your desired strength. For a quick calculation, you can add 1x 18mg nicotine shot to 3mg of nicotine in 60ml. As an example:

  • In order to get 3mg nicotine, you'll need one 18mg nicotine shot in 60ml of e-liquid, two nicotine shots in 120ml, and three nicotine shots in 180ml.
  • Two 18mg nicotine shots are required in 60ml, four in 120ml, and six in 180ml for the 6mg nicotine shot.
  • You'll need four 18mg nicotine shots in a 60ml bottle, eight in a 120ml bottle, and twelve in a 180ml bottle for 12mg.

We offer two types of nicotine shots - 50/50 and maximum VG. It depends on what type of e-liquid you want to mix. If you want to mix up a high-VG e-liquid for sub-ohm tanks or RTAs, then maximum VG nicotine shots will do. If you want to mix e-liquid for mouth-to-lung devices, you should use the 50/50 nicotine shots.

Don't vape it before reading this!

If you let your flavoured e-liquid steep, it may improve its taste. When e-liquid is steeped, the components are allowed to bind and the flavors are improved. Though it isn't necessary, and you can vape them immediately, the flavours will improve with time. If you like them right away, vape away!

As a general rule, I use the following:

Mint - Vape straight away, but it may improve overnight
Fresh fruits - Vape straight away, but steep for a week if possible
Creams and baked goods - Steep for 3 weeks
Tobaccos - 4 to 6 weeks
It's best to leave custards for a couple months/6-8 weeks.

Steeping couldn't be simpler. Just put it in a dark cupboard and forget about it!


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