How much vape juice can you bring on a plane?

The airlines in South Africa and abroad regularly allow people to bring their electronic smoking devices (vapes, e-cigarettes and the accessories onto flights). Good news for those who regularly air travel but need to smoke your vape regularly.

You can bring your vape or e-cigarette onto a plane, but there are some rules that you should be aware of:

  1. You cannot vape the device on the plane and charge the battery on the plane.
  2. Always double check the airlines rules and restrictions and comply with their policies (they have the right to change these at anytime).

Another tip is to check if the destination that you are going to allows you to legally bring a vape or e liquids into their country. Some countries have made vaping illegal to use or illegal to sell vape products.

General rules to follow when taking a vape on a flight:

  1. Carry on bags are ok, but checked bags are a no go

Take your vape in your hand luggage and not in your check in luggage. Passengers are allowed to bring on the plane vaping devices, such as atomizers, batteries, etc. These passengers are not allowed to keep these vape related items in their check in luggage due to safety measures.

  1. How much vape juice can be carried on a plane?

For hand luggage, passengers can carry up to 100ml of e-liquid bottles. Anything that exceeds 100ml, will have to be inserted into the checked in luggage. It is also advisable to avoid any glass containers as this can easily break and is considered to be hazardous. It is also advised to place the e-liquid bottle into a clear zip-lock bag.

  1. Batteries are allowed only in hand luggage

You may travel with dry batteries namely (AA, AAA, C, & D) in your hand luggage or your checked in baggage. The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits any loose lithium batteries from being transported in checked in luggage.

Pack all of your batteries in a battery case that can hold your batteries for the duration of your trip. Sometimes these cases prohibit fires and battery explosions. You would not want to be the person who is responsible for a fire on a plane or responsible for an explosion.

Most vape modules and e cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries which, when exposed to excessive heat, can lead to rather disastrous consequences.

Other vape tips for travellers

  1. Stock up on coils - it is vital to have a few coils in stock so that they can be replaced when one gets burnt out. You may not be able to get the correct coils in the country that you are travelling to.
  2. Consider buying empty vape juice bottles - most vape bottles are available in a 120ml option. Buying some empty e liquid bottles that are smaller than 100ml might be a good idea and distribute your e juice into an approved TSA liquid container. 
  3. Empty your vape tank - The cabin pressure while in flight on an aeroplane can cause the e liquid in your vape tank to leak. It is a great idea to empty your vape tank so that the e liquid does not leak on all of your items and potentially ruin your items.
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