Can you mix E-Liquids?

Can you mix e-liquids?
Mixing cocktails is a skill on its own. It is quite a sought-after skill especially back in the day. The modern equivalent of cocktail mixing is the art of creating and mixing your vape juices. With very little knowledge of e-liquid mixing, you can easily create some fantastic flavours and mixes.

Vaping has become extremely popular in the past few years, and the mixing becomes a fun aspect where people become flavour connoisseurs and e-liquid cocktail mixers. There is a common question that we encounter on a daily basis, “Can you mix e-liquids?”

The straightforward answer to the question is - yes of course you can.

Mixing e-liquids allows you to introduce new flavours and vaping experiences that you can tweak to suit your tastes. There are thousands of flavours available. If you can think of the flavour, chances are high that there will be a concentrate or recipe for that flavour. There are so many different concentrates available, that there will be an infinite number of combinations (recipes) that can be created.
When looking at nicotine, the advantage of mixing, is that it allows you to obtain your required level of nicotine, when it is not in stock. For example, let us say the store only has 0mg or 6mg nicotine available, and you require 3mg nicotine, you can mix these two in order to obtain the right combo to suit your needs.

The reasons to mix e-liquids:

  1. You can create unlimited amounts of flavour diversification that will help enhance your vaping experience.
  2. Most stock mixes will be more expensive than the home-mixed DIY e-liquid concentrate kits.
  3. You can find your exact nicotine level that will match your personal preference.

Ok, this is great - but where do I start with mixing e-liquids?

Most of us are usually over ambitious and usually jump into the deep end. We recommend that you look at starting small when you are new to mixing e-liquids. Trust us, the last thing you want to do is create vape juice in bulk that ends up tasting like smelly socks.

On the flip side of the coin, it is important to remember your mix, just in case it turns out to be the most amazing mix that you have tasted. You do not want to mix the perfect recipe and forget what you put in it. Remember to write your recipes down.

We recommend that you stick to the same bases when mixing your e-liquid concentrates. All e-liquids use a mixture of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol as their base mixture. It is important to try and maintain the correct ratio of VG and PG in the base in order to get a successful mix. When you have larger percentage of VG in the e-liquid this will result in a thicker liquid that will be smooth on your throat and will produce a larger volume clouds. When you have larger percentage of PG, there will be more of a throat hit and will produce less vapour when you smoke.
VG is exceptionally smooth on the throat, but it is not a particularly good flavour carrier, but PG is an exceptionally good flavour carrier but harsh on the throat.

In summary, here are our recommended tips:

  1. Start small and make a record of your mix in case it is amazing.
  2. Give your mix a shake before you use it, to ensure that it gets thinned out.
  3. Try utilising the same base mix ratio so that you do not sit in a situation where there is either too much PG or too much VG.

Good vape flavours to mix
So now you know that you can mix vape juices. The next questions should be: what is the best vape flavours to mix? The flavour options are endless. This is where your creativity can run wild. It can become somewhat overwhelming looking at the potential mixtures that you can create, however, we will give you some guidelines below.

Mixing vape flavours can be similar to mixing food flavours. What we mean by this is, you do not want to mix roast beef flavour with strawberries and cream flavour. Rather focus on flavours that you know that you would enjoy.

If you have a sweet tooth that you would like to satisfy with your vaping, then you could try SUGAR COOKIE V1 (CAP). To enhance this flavour further, you could potentially add mint or hazelnut flavour etc.

Pina Colada has become an extremely popular flavour recently. Pina Colada is a mixture of pineapple, with hints of vanilla, orange and tangerine. You could even try adding a chocolate flavour to this (which is actually a thing called chocolate colada). The options are endless.

Apple flavour offers a slightly more grown-up flavour FUJI APPLE (FA). It works extremely well with a cinnamon or vanilla flavour to enhance the flavours.

Most people enjoy the taste of traditional tobacco. Try CUBAN HAVANA (FA) and you can look at mixing a rum or bourbon flavour to enhance the flavour of the tobacco.

The options are endless and are only up to your imagination and creativity. Flavour experimentation is the name of the game, but you should still understand the basics of flavour mixing. Understanding the primary flavour profiles is the key to getting this right:

Fruity Flavours
As a guideline - fruity flavours can be sweet or bitter and can be balanced correctly with certain flavours like rum, bourbon, vanilla, etc.

From experience, apple flavour pairs well with caramel, ginger or cinnamon.

  • Blueberry is a sweet flavour which can be paired nicely with citrus or ginger that contains sharper notes. 
  • Strawberry goes exceptionally well with chocolate or vanilla. 
  • Raspberry flavour is slightly sharper which means that it pairs properly with sweeter notes like chocolate flavour.

Sweet Flavours
Sweet flavours are extremely popular in the vaping industry. The following flavours can be paired effectively:

  • Dark chocolate can be paired with sweeter notes like strawberries or caramel, and white chocolate can be paired with more sharper notes from sharper fruit flavours. Chocolate can go extremely well with minty and nutty flavours as it is very versatile.
  • Cinnamon is a great choice; however, it should be used in small doses as it is very overpowering. Cinnamon adds a hint of sweet and spice to the e-liquid.
  • Vanilla tends to pair with almost anything and can easily be paired with almost any flavour. 

Nutty / Bitter Flavours
Nutty flavours are extremely popular - these include but are not limited to walnut, hazelnut, pecan nut, etc. these can be mixed with many different flavours such as, coffee, chocolate, chocolate cake, fruits and spices.

Mint Flavours
Mint flavours create the fresh feel when inhaling your vape smoke. Peppermint can be mixed effectively with chocolate or a citrus flavour. Mint flavours are very overpowering, so it is advised that they are used in moderation. Peppermint and vanilla are a brilliant mix.
CRÈME DE MENTHE is a well know mint flavour.

Tobacco Flavours
Tobacco is a favourite choice for many as the flavour emulates that of cigarettes. Tobacco can be paired with flavours like rum, bourbon, apple, and many more.

We recommend mixing your own vape juices as it gives you the control that you may want. It is time to start mixing: click here to get started

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