Are E-Liquids Vegan?

Are e-liquids vegan?

This is a question that many users are starting to ask as this is an important part of their lifestyle. Being vegan does not boil down to only the food that you eat, it incorporates many aspects of your lifestyle. 

We need to see if e-liquid is in fact vegan. There are so many flavours out there, however these flavours use mostly natural ingredients and in most cases, these are derived directly from plants. It is exceedingly rare for any of the ingredients or artificial flavourings to be of animal origin.

E-liquids contain many ingredients - read the following article to find out what ingredients are found in e-liquids: click here.

Are e-cigarettes vegan?

Making use of e-cigarettes or otherwise known as electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular in recent years. The reason for their popularity is the fact that e-cigarettes pose less risk to people's health as opposed to cigarettes. E-cigarettes are also known as being the steppingstone to people quitting smoking cigarettes. 

There is some good news in the midst of vaping being that most e-cigarettes are vegan friendly because they do not contain any animal derived ingredients. 

Is Vaping Vegan?

Vaping is the process of using electronic cigarettes and inhale vapours instead of tobacco products. Electronic smoking devices produce an aerosol / vapour rather than smoke. The vapour is then created by a process of heating up the e-liquid. (View this article to find out what are the components of e-liquid <link to article 1>). 

The question that we need to ask is, are e-liquids vegan?

We need to inspect to see if the e-liquid / juice / e-liquid concentrate contains ingredients that are vegan?

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • This is a synthetic compound which is produced from propylene - one of the simplest compounds to be produced from crude oil. Making use of a petrochemical may not be the most environmentally friendly option, it does not technically go against the principles of veganism.

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • This liquid is also known as Glycerol, which is derived from plant sources. Most of the e-liquid manufacturers will mention on the bottle that their products are of vegetable origin. VG is often made from a certain kind of vegetable oil, i.e., palm, soy or coconut oil.

  • Flavourings
  • Most flavourings are vegan friendly, as they are often derived from fruit directly. Some flavours may be derived from other sources, so it may be wise to double check with the vape shop to ensure that it is vegan friendly before purchasing. Look out for things like - the addition of honey, beeswax, etc.

  • Nicotine
  • Most of the people who vape, do this for the nicotine hit. This is a stimulant which is usually generated from Tobacco which is highly addictive. When we look at Nicotine at a vegan point of view, it is derived from a plant, so it is technically vegan friendly. (Some e-liquids do not even contain nicotine).

  • Water
  • Well… we hope water is vegan, otherwise vegans would cease to exist.

    All in all, most vape-liquids are classified vegan. One should do their research and establish whether the vape-liquid that you are interested in has been labelled vegan and if there are any colouring agents that may have been sourced from animals or insects.

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