Flavour of the week: Acai

The world of flavours is a mystical one, so many flavours with so many different names and acronyms. How do you choose? What will it taste like? What can I make with it?
Each week, we'll choose 1 popular flavour and help give you a better understanding on what to expect from it.


Description: A cross between juicy blackberry and sweet raspberry notes with dark chocolate impact.
Use at 3 - 5% for a sweetish berry vape or add 1% to any fruit vape to give it that extra zest.
It tends to be quite overpowering when used with other flavours so always use at a lower percentage.
Some say it's the same flavour used in rebel. All we know, it's just a beautiful berry flavour.

TFA Apple 5%
TFA Pomegranate 5%
TFA Acai 5%
Recipe Source: Reddit Credit: Caladriel

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